Once Upon A Time


Istanbul has always been mentioned with its strait since the antiquity. It has become the symbol of abundance with its location… The cornucopia in the hands of İstanbul’s Luck Goddess Thyke was full of pelamyd (bonito) fish. It is said that fishes of the Bosphorus strait had prevented famine during the sieges of Byzance. Istanbul has inherited pelamyds from Byzance. Byzantine ‘palamydes’ became our ‘palamut’… It is believed that the name Golden Horn of Haliç come from palamut. There have been too many fidgeting Palamydes that gave the golden colour to the sea when the sun illuminates the water. There were reliefs of palamydes on minted coins of Byzantium during the Roman Empire era. Sources mentioned that there were so many palamydes that they could be caught with bare hands back then. The residents of Istanbul had not caught more than they needed as they were taught by their fathers and grandfathers so that they would grow up to be torik and would be eaten as lakerda, salted fish while drinking Turkish national alcoholic drink, raki.

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