Once Upon A Time

A Legendary City

İstanbul… A story of legends. The collection starts with its establishment legend which tells us the love between Zeus and Io. Zeus falls in love with Io who is the daughter of the Argus king Inachus, and turns Io into a white heifer to protect her from the wrath of Hera. Hera makes the giant Argus (“the All-Seeing”) the guard of Io. The hopeless Zeus asked for Hermes’ help. Hermes used a potion for Argus to fall asleep and later killed him. Hera was very sorry with his death and took his eyes and put on a peacock’s tail. (A peacock is one of the symbols of Hera in legends) Hera sent huge flies over Io and she started running from one continent to another and reached the Golden Horn/Keroessa inland sea after passing through the strait. Since then, the strait has been named as Bosphorus- ox passage. She had a daughter from Zeus in Golden Horn and she was so beautiful that she was named as Keras… Keras fell in love with Poseidon and had a boy from him and named him Byzas… Well, this legendary city was established by the young Byzas, a strong soldier, and existed as a city which was wanted, missed, admired, lived by many civilizations during the history of mankind…

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