Once Upon A Time

It Is Said That

Istanbul has always been the jewel of mankind since the ancient times. Every civilization tried every possible way to conquer it. Although it was the best protected city of the middle ages, the Golden Horn was the weakest point of Istanbul. A solution should have been found to stop the ships that came to the shores of the Golden Horn. Finally, a genius idea was found. A chain made of large rings was stretched between the Golden Horn and Sarayburnu. An iron chain which was tied to each other with the huge hooks… Sultan Mehmed II decided to conquer Istanbul. Istanbul was the prerequisite of the world empire he had dreamed of. But he couldn’t pass the Golden Horn chain. In a desperate moment, he ordered his naval forces to circumvent the Byzantine chain by using oxen to drag his warships across the land in Pera and pushing them back into the sea inside the Golden Horn and he achieved it. Now, Istanbul was Ottomans’. Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror was recorded in history as the sultan who closed an old age and opened a new one. The Golden Horn’s chain became one of the symbolic idols of the conquest of Istanbul.

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