Once Upon A Time

Between The Two Continents

Istanbul, a magical city which sea goes through, is located in two continents… And the Bosporus Strait which separates two continents and combines them with bridges at the same time… It is said that it was founded with a heart-breaking love story but in reality it took shape by the fact that the collapsed earth was filled with the water of the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. It has been full of sorrowful and happy memoirs of the civilizations which had competed with each other to possess it since the first step on its land and the inspiration for many artists’ work. Human beings had worked hard to connect two continents… Persians made the first successful bridge by tying ships with hooks in 512BC. These ropes which connected the ships to each other were made of papyrus, threads of linen and hemp. Istanbul is a historical story and a fairy-tale bridge. It is awe-inspiring to dream of the first bridge over the Bosphorus strait although many modern bridges have been built through history…

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