Once Upon A Time

Server Dede

Secret is the reality itself, even the state’s tradition… The symbol of this tradition is Server Dede… During the era of Sultan Mahmut I, Server Dede, who was responsible for the civil registration office’s documents of the Ottoman Empire, considered the records which were signed and sealed as the state’s secret. One night, he refused to give the documents which were asked by the Sultan’s order because it was forbidden to take the documents out at nights. Server Dede didn’t break the decree of the sultan despite the sultan’s order. The sultan got angry with him and ordered him to be executed. He died but he had never betrayed what he thought was right. Later, the sultan understood his mistake and got very sorry. He ordered his tomb to be built in the complex of deeds office. From that day on, it became a tradition for the new employees of the deeds office to go to his tomb and took an oath to be honest and honourable. Salute to the people who follow his footsteps…

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