Once Upon A Time

Istanbul… A legendary city, which has been the cradle of the civilizations from the Megarians to the Byzantine Empire, from the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Empire, connects two continents, embracing different cultures, religions, languages for centuries and still whispering their songs and stories to our ears… People who believed that its pavements were made of gold have been immigrating to Istanbul for centuries. Its abundance of resources reflected on its fish and its people who were from different languages and religions. Its colourful people added such a distinct richness to the culture of this beautiful city. For centuries, they have lived in peace, and exchanged their traditional cuisine including topik (mashed chickpeas and tahini), manti (dumplings with meat), börekitas (baked phyllo dough), dolma (filled grape leaves) with their neighbours. When planning thiscollection, the designer was inspired by the historical characters of Istanbul, the stories which were told by older people of the city, the abundance which the earlier generations had enjoyed, in short by Istanbul’s rich history and she reflected these evolvements of the city in her designs of the jewellery.


Canan Alimdar was a business professional till 2006. Then, she followed her inner voice and entered the trade of jewelry design and production. The rest is a journey of learning the trade from the masters, diving into any art history seminars she could find, drawing lessons and many more… The designer not only has proven that women can be successful in any trade/profession but also that it is possible to have a new start at any stage of life as long as there is a will to succeed.

Collection Designs