Once Upon A Time

A Crown Which Was Made Of Flowers

Since the antiquity, the amazing women who had lived in Istanbul took their place in history and added value with their successes. Women are sentimental… For example, Moiro, the first poet of Istanbul who lived in antiquity… They were smart… Like Anna Komnenos, the first woman historian of Byzantium. Even today, Alexiad, her masterpiece tells us about the crusades… They were brave… Like Mihri Hatun, the first Divan poet… (Divan is the literature type of Ottomans) She told about real love with a language that even men couldn’t dare to use. They were conscientious… Like nun Kalfayan… Her adventure started with teaching orphans to make handcrafts and turned into an institution for poor and orphan kids today. They were talented… Like Mihri Müşfik hanım, who inspired many female painters as the first female director of the Fine Arts Academy. And Türkan Saylan… Scientist, academic, the founder of Ç.Y.D.D. (a foundation to help poor girls have a good education), the mother of kardelen (Her girls are called kardelen.) even after her physical death… Women… No word is enough to tell about them. Or all women are unique in one word.

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